Bayco Finish Line Horse Fencing is an easy to install, high-density polymer developed and manufactured by Bayer. It is safe, durable and strong with 1250lbs of breaking strength per line -- that's over 6000lbs of containment strength. Plus, when installed correctly it requires virtually no maintenance. And since the installation is so simple, it is the most cost effective fencing.

Finish Line fencing is seven times lighter than wire of a similar diameter. Each 25 lb. Finish Line spool has a running length of 2000 linear feet, compared to 286 feet per 25 lb. coil of steel wire. This weight savings means easier handling and guarantees lower shipping costs.

Finish Line fencing, once properly tensioned, does not sag. It has 24% elongation and will bounce back to its original shape after bearing weight. Conventional fences do not have the ability to bounce back and quickly sag, resulting in poor appearance and higher maintenance time and costs.

Finish Line fencing is designed with ultra violet inhibitors, making it stable in extreme weather conditions. It will not break down from exposure to sunlight and extreme heat.

Finish Line fencing maintains its appearance year after year.

Finish Line Fencing is resistant to chemical sprays, phosphates, herbicides, and rotting. Herbicide control of grass growth at fence base is now possible, reducing the risk of fire damage to fence materials.

Finish Line fencing is highly resistant to alkalis, acids, seawater (thus making it ideal in coastal regions), and sweat (including acidic soils and crop chemicals). Because it is wire-free it will not rust, rot, or corrode. It is resistant to diesel, gasoline, paraffin, paint solutions and paint thinners, fat, oil and dry-cleaning agents such as perchlorethylene.


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